LAB 43 officina delle idee soc. coop. arl.

For years, we take care of entertainment services in the field of art car audio systems video conferences logistics and organizing secretary of production and complementary services. The organization of our company allows us to provide where required the complete package of any event with respect to our skills. One of our recent efforts have seen us protagonists in the implementation and technical support and ogistico for the provision of services required by RAI 1 for the event of December 31 held in Matera of live television " THE YEAR THAT WILL ' ". Hoping to embark on this new relationship and to fully meet all the requirements, in thanks for the priority proved we take this opportunity to greet you cordially. P.S. we would like to attach curriculum.


LAB 43 officina delle idee soc. coop. arl.
Via Taranto 3H - 75100 MATERA
Tel/Fax: 3490698882

Additional Info

  • Services: Actor’s and Show Agencies, Editing, Set Design, Wardrobe, Make Up, Service, Equipment Hire Sales, Show Production Service, Transport Action Rental