Effenove s.r.l.s.

Effenove is a film production and 3D visual effect company. It's an animation research Lab. focused on reality investigation and the stories within it. Our creative effort aims at visual product creations (short films, documentaries and renderings) intended to spread knowledge, information and cultural heritage. Sparkplugs of our "motion" are the stories and their details. Then, a tailored and handcrafted  approach of the job, the crossfunctional osmotic exchange among the artistic and production departments are our flagship; the slim organization faces a reduced impact on the project budget and a strategic flexibility to the narrative approach. 4K drones and high resolution reflex/digital cameras, through specific 3D softwares, converts real objects, landscapes and faces into realistic digital models and animations within realistic and dynamic scenes.


Effenove s.r.l.s.
Via del Gallitello n°90, 85100 Potenza (PZ)
Tel/Fax: 347.8034127/328.6487302
e-mail: info@effenove.it (michelescioscia@effenove.it / saralorusso@effenove.it)
website: www.effenove.it

Additional Info

  • Production Genre: Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Animation, Advertising, Music Video, Multimedia, Institutional - Educational Films
  • Distribuction Companies: Television Network, Cinemas
  • Services: Special Effects & CGI, Editing, Subtitling, Press Office, Rendering 3D, Reality Capture from Photogrammetry, Camera Match, Video Tracking, 3D Animation
  • Other not audiovisual activities: Events, Text, Historiography and Archival Searches