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About us

The Foundation “Lucana Film Commission” (LFC) was born in 2012 with the purpose of promoting and supporting the production of Italian and foreign cinema, television, audiovisual and advertising works in Basilicata. Its mission is to promote and enhance of artistic and natural heritage, historical identity, the tradition of the Lucanian community, professional and technical skills with the aim of encouraging filmmakers to come in Basilicata. The LFC has established a film fund: the production and distribution of audiovisual and cinematographic works shot in the Region, will receive financial support thanks to grants and benefits provided through a specific fund. The LFC has always been committed to providing services, information, organizational and logistical assistance. Moreover, one of the prerogatives of the Foundation, is to accompany Lucanian productions to festivals and to participate in specialized national and international film markets, with the goal of enhancing cultural diversity within the local community. The LFC promotes agreements in order to facilitate and accelerate the procedures for obtaining authorizations, permits, concessions, and whatever else is necessary to the realization of films, television and advertising works; Its aim is to become a sort of  “facilitator” in bureaucratic matters, something which often slows down the implementation of projects and initiatives in Southern Italy in particular. Another goal of the LFC is to preserve cultural and historical heritage, as well as audiovisual material, film libraries, film clubs, associations, family archives in Basilicata and also the technical equipment of historic value.