Public holidays

Potenza, 29th May – Historical parade of Turks, vintage clothes parade through the town streets in a sign of commemoration of the invasion by the Turkish army, which, up the Basento River, arrived in the capital; citizens had to defend themselves and turned to Bishop Gerardo (now Saint Gerard, patron of the town), who called for a host of angels warriors which liberated the town from enemy occupation.

Potenza 30th May – Patron feast in memory of San Gerardo Patron Saint of Potenza

Carnival in Basilicata
The Carnival period (beginning on 17th January until Fat Tuesday, the day before the start of Lent) is popular ritual in Basilicata. Among the main traditional events there are: the rhythmic and hypnotic sound of bells of San Mauro Forte, the masks of Tricarico, and the tradition of Romita (U ‘Rumit) of Satriano di Lucania. In addition to Cucibocca of Montescaglioso, the Carnival of Cirigliano, Aliano and Teana.

Holy week rites
Rituals related to the celebration of the Holy Easter repeat every year in the region with devotion and involvement of the entire population. Entire communities are mobilized: men, women and children wrapped in period costumes revive with emotion the drama of Golgotha. There are numerous villages of Basilicata where these processions are played, among others, We remember Rionero, Maschito, Ripacandida, Venosa, Rapolla, Ruvo Del Monte, Matera, Aliano, Atella, although the oldest and picturesque living representation of the passion of Jesus Christ takes place in Barile.

Viggiano, procession of Santa Maria del Sacro Monte, Patron of Basilicata
The celebration that attracts hundreds of pilgrims from across the region, is divided into two principal moments: in the first Sunday of May, the statue is carried from the Church located in the village up to the seat of the sanctuary in the mountains; on the first Sunday of September the statue appears in town, where it will remain until next May. The sanctuary of Sacro Monte della Madonna di Viggiano is the most important place of the Marian cult of Basilicata, erected where it was found in the 14th century the image of the “Black Madonna”,12km from the town.

Matera, July 2 – Festival of the Bruna, protector of the town of Matera
Historical procession through the streets of the town in a chariot made of papier-mâché by local artisans, who is stormed and destroyed at the end of the day, only to be rebuilt the following year.

Popular festivals
Especially during the summer, the region is characterized by the presence of many festivals of typical products. The main ones are: Sagra del Fagiolo di Sarconi, Sagra della Varola (chestnut) of Melfi, Festival of Canestrato di Moliterno, wine and food itinerary of Vaglio Basilicata, Open cellars of Sant’Angelo Le Fratte, festival of salted codfish of Avigliano, Cancellara sausage Festival, red eggplant festival of Rotonda, Festival de Lu Migntiedd (roulade of lamb) of Pietragalla, Aglianico Wine Festival of Rionero and Barile.