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Cascate di San Fele

In San Fele, one of the northernmost countries of the Basilicata Region, northwest of Potenza, flows from the Lucanian Apennines, the Bradano or Bradanello torrent, which goes a little further downstream into the Atella river and then flows into the Ofanto river.
Crossing the territory of the municipality of San Fele the torrent is forced to make particular jumps that give rise to the characteristic waterfalls of San Fele. They are named from "
U Uattënniérë, the dialectical transposition of "gualchiera", a machine used in ancient buildings built close to the waterfalls to exploit the force of the water that, falling on wooden shovel, set in motion the mallets beating raw wool.
Thanks to the work of the volunteers of the association set up to enhance and promote the territory of San Fele, today we can admire most of U Uattënniérë waterfalls reported to their ancient and fascinating splendor.

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  • Category: Landscapes and nature, Cities/Villages
  • Age: Prehistorical
  • Location: Province of Potenza

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