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Castello del Malconsiglio

Miglionico is a municipality in the province of Matera. It is known for the events related to the Castle of Malconsiglio where the conspiracy of the barons was held in 1485 against King Ferdinand I of Naples. The castle has the shape of a parallelogram, flanked by seven towers, some squares (the oldest), two bellies and other circulars, placed at the top of the building. It is on a hill between the river Basento and Bradano, at 461 m above sea level. It is 21 Km from Matera and 83 km from Potenza for the SS 407, the trail does not have any special difficulties and, with cars, you can easily reach the center of the village with parking.

Additional Info

  • Category: Castles and fortresses
  • Age: Middle ages
  • Location: Province of Matera

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